Friday, February 14, 2014

Love's hidden memories

I came home with stories full of love
"Don't show it," they said.
So I kept it hidden from view
And no one knew.

But it started to grow, love started to swell
I had to tell, I had to tell.
Everything I saw spoke of love
Your eyes, your face, your smile, your grace.

"Don't show your love," I heard them scream
I shut it out and built a screen.
But my love was not just mine to show
What of the love that made you glow?

My love I could easily hide
But your love for me was too strong to cover.
I failed to cut off love from my life
Because you were born to be the lover.


Sandip Mitra said...

good page, good poem...all good...keep the love and the poems flowing

Millena Cardoso said...

So sweet poem, the love really is all...

debarati chakraborty said...

Thanks a ton Sandip Da :)

debarati chakraborty said...

Millena... thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem!

debarati chakraborty said...

Hi Karthik... thank you :)